World design days – awesome innovative designs that will amaze you

From the 12th – 15th April designers from around the globe will give us the best of their designs. Let’s take a look at some of the awesome designs that have already made their mark on the design world this year.

Hexagonal seats in blue, yellow and black that have a textured design that look like starfish holding hands


Hive, by Atelier OÏ has been awarded ‘Interior Innovation Award’ – Winner 2014 at IMM Cologne.

Round glass table on black metalic wire base


Designed as a tribute to the cult film Tron; the Tron table by Marc Sadler has also been given an Innovation Award at IMM Cologne.

This chair looks like pink gym balls glued together like a DNA molecule


‘The Ball’ is a colour popping design by Kvadra which really stood about from the crown at Cologne, rightfully winning an award for the innovative design.

A wooden table with the closest side cascading down like stones at Giants Causeway

View on Canadian Art

Awesome innovations have also been at the Toronto Design Offsite Festival. This amazing Decomposition Foxwedge Desk by Ian Devenney is stunning.

A round storage solution with pencil cases attached together around a central point

Indesign Magazine

The finalists for the New Design Britain Awards, run in collaboration with INTERIORS UK have announced this year’s finalists. Elizabeth Ret is one of the finalists with her ‘You Have Been Framed’ desk chair.

A black chair frame in an irregular shape, with a woven green cord used to making a seat and back rest

Hospitality Interiors

Alexander Mueller won the furniture category at the New Design Britain Awards with his ‘Woven’ Easy Chair.

A cream and beige lamp shade that is a cylinder but has a texture reminiscence of a car tyre

Delight in Light

John Hollington’s Elica pendent light won the Furnishing Accessories category.

John Hollington’s Elica pendent light with a red fixture


Blom, designed by Andreas Engesvil won the Red Dot Award in the Product Design category with this colourful table lamp.

Blom fold out table by Andreas Engesvil

Clever Storage

With many homes now having log burners included or installed as an eco-friendly way of heating homes. MADRA was given a special mention at the German Design Award 2014.

Contemporary shelf with triangle shelves combining to make a large hexagon

Design Wagen

Award winning designer Jaanus Orgusaar has created this awesome curved wall display shelf Comb is a self-assembly flat-pack shelf that bows away from the wall creating a 3D effect.

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