Wonderful Wooden Garden Furniture for Any Home

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

Whilst sat enjoying the outdoor air there is no better choice than a beautiful wooden garden chair to embrace your natural surroundings in comfort. The versatility, range and natural beauty of wood furniture makes for classically impressive additions to your garden. Whether you have a small back yard or large estate there is a style and size to suit your requirements and tastes. This article aims to inspire you in the varied ways to furnish your outdoor home.

The most important, and to many only, piece of garden furniture to purchase for your garden is your dining set. Consider whether to choose a round, square, rectangular or hexagonal shape to fit in to the available space and also seat the expected number of people. Ensure the table set does not over impose in to your garden but instead acts as an additional feature to the natural splendour of the surroundings. Furthermore, if possible, also be sure to choose a place which is practically accessible, at a good view to the rest of the garden and also shaded from the sun at your desired times of the day.

Most styles, whether large, small, contemporary or traditional also come with a matching parasol to suspend in the centre of your table. Be sure to choose a parasol which complements the style of your garden and again is in an appropriate colour and pattern. Alongside this, if you have space, why not consider purchasing a complementary seat swing or bench to position in other parts of your garden.

If a large permanent seating area is not appropriate, however, there are also a huge variety of collapsible garden sets ideal for small spaces such as balconies. Once set up, these look as equally impressive as the larger styles and, if put away during the colder winter months, are also likely to preserve for longer.

Regardless or size, for a more contemporary or individual feel why not consider staining the wood a chosen colour. Although sometimes effective, generally it is advisable to avoid bright man-made colours and instead stick to natural wood stains that complement the surroundings. Alongside or instead of this, you can also add colour through your fabric and accessories. Instead of safe beige or crème choose a rose red, fuchsia pink or sunflower yellow for your cushion covers.

These tones are unarguably bright and fun but should also complement the flowers within your garden. Furthermore, if your house overlooks this area be sure to choose a tone which does not clash with your interior design. Ideally, simply opt for a shade already used within your house to create a feeling of rhythm.

Finally, for late nights and barbeques in your garden wrap some fairy lights around the stems of your parasol to create a magical and cosy atmosphere around your table. Even consider buying flower shaped or ball lights and lanterns for that extra bit of fun. Finish your table with coordinating dinner plates and glasses in bright shades to match your cushion covers. Use coordinating material to your parasol and cushion covers to make place mats, table cloths or serviettes. You could even add flower decorations to your drinks for that extra bit of designer glam!

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