Wonderful Wall Lights for Your Home

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

Alongside the huge range of table lamps, floor lamps and ceiling lighting available there is also a considerable collection of wall mounted lights to choose from for your home. Although these fittings often emit a less intense light they provide a unique opportunity to softly illuminate the peripheral areas of a room in a beautiful and space saving way. In conjunction with other light sources wall mounted lights help to add character and shape to your room.

If you require a fitting to simply illuminate an area for aesthetic reasons choose from the huge range of dish shape up lighters or shaded fittings. For contemporary homes look for frosted glass or chrome finished lights. Choose a form that echoes the design from within the room such as a simplistic and angular cube, an art deco style searchlight or an ultramodern long and thin rectangular strip in chrome or frosted glass. For more traditional properties opt for opulent and intricate shapes such as a brass up lighter, rustic candle sconce or long armed antique down lighter.

Keep your fitting delicate and decorative inline with period of your property. Whichever your choice it is important that you also consider the type of light the fitting will emit. An up lighter or searchlight will obviously beam towards the ceiling where as a frosted shade will create a softer more radiant glow. Also consider the effect other close by light sources will have in the vicinity and also whether you require more than one wall light on your wall.

There is also a huge range of fun and inventive wall mounted fittings for children’s rooms. From space rockets to flowers to footballs to Winnie the Pooh designers have created some gorgeous lights to finish off and add to the design of their rooms. Furthermore, the soft light emitted by this kind of fittings make them ideal alternatives to night lights.

Alongside the more aesthetic qualities wall lights can provide they can also be a great choice for task lighting. Available in various materials; fitting small wall hung spotlights around a desk area, shelving, kitchen units or cubby holes are a quick and highly effective way of adding an intense light source to an area. As well as the simple spotlight it is also possible to purchase fittings with flexi arms or clip on attachments perfect for desks and drawing tables where the direction of light source is important.

Furthermore, shop around to view the beautiful range of mirror and picture lights which act to not only accentuate any wall art but also emit a soft light in the surrounding area. Ensure these fittings are in keeping with any other light fittings you have for the room and use them to reinforce any patterns, textures or materials already within the design.

Although sometimes left unconsidered wall mounted light fittings offer a unique, versatile and often ideal alternative to lamps or ceiling lights. The huge range of styles available ensure that you will be able to find the right fitting for your room to not only meet your practical requirements but also contribute to the character and interior design of the space.

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