Women's vintage home ideas

Vintage décor is becoming increasingly popular, especially amongst women. The mix of pretty floral fabrics sitting alongside peaceful and gentle colour palettes creates a style which is drenched in femininity and charm. This style isn't just for older women, young professional with an eye for fashion are also using this gorgeous motif, bringing it up-to-date with the creature comforts we've become so accustomed to.


White and gold cream bedroom with feminine touches, such as clothes mannequin and dressing table

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The bedroom is one room where vintage really shows it's style. Lace and frills can be used to adorn beds; jewellery can be used as wall displays, all enhanced by muted pastels, ivories or creams.


Curved white bathtub with gold fixtures in the middle of a cream bathroom

Home Design Ideas

With the resurgence of claw foot baths, relaxing 'me' time is a must for any busy woman. Surrounded by gentle lighting and fluffy towels 'me' time becomes a real indulgence.

Living Room

Shabby chic living room with beige sofa and cream arm chair, with hints of pinks

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Vintage living rooms allow for plenty of self-expression without losing the mainstay essential of chintz fabrics, feminine colours and floral wallpapers.


Cream kitchen with touches of pink throughout

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Some may find too much cream and pretty pinks a little too much to bear in a kitchen, however, as long as the room has a feminine backdrop you can add vintage pieces, such as bone china tea cups to give the room a cosy and homely look.


White hall table with photographs on the table and potpourri bowl

Magnolia Lane

Simple additions of a antique style table and a strategically placed floral tote bag may be all that's needed to give an entrance a charming vintage vibe.


Hallways are a great place to display old family photographs – if they're black and white or sepia that's even better.

Dining Room

Cream, very light blue and gold dining room with gold curtains and plates hanging on the wall


Calming cream and ivories are ideal for vintage dining rooms. You don't have to have a grandiose polished dining room table to get the look, a white painted one will work equally as well.

Guest Room

Cream living room with brown autumnal branches decal all over the wall

Daybed Style

Give your guest room a vintage look by crossing the genders by using creams and browns so that it will accommodate men guests too.


White intricate metal chairs on dull grey decking, under a  outdoor veranda

Metsa For House

Keep your passion for vintage running outside as well. Iron-work table and chairs are perfect pieces for either patio or lawn.

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