With more snow and freezing temperatures returning to most parts of the UK this week we thought we'd share some interior design ideas to help keep you and your home warm. Beginning with the living room today's post has some great ideas which are effective, budget friendly and most importantly can be used in any style of home. If you've moved with the trends and have a stone, tiled or wooden flooring it's unlikely that you walk around in bare or stocking feet during the winter! One great way to help keep your feet warm is to use area rugs. Economic and with plenty of styles, patterns and colours to choose from you'll easily find a rug to suit the style of your living room. Thick velvet curtains are not only stylish they'll also help keep your living room warm. Opt for full length curtains to help keep any draughts out. You could also add a thermal lining to your existing curtains to give an added layer of warm. Finding curtains for bay windows doesn't have to be difficult or restrictive. Gone are the days when choices of window dressing for bay windows was limited. Today there are some gorgeous curtains which have been designed specifically for bays so you won't to struggle find something suitable to suit the style of your home or colour scheme. Introduce rich and warming colours into your living room with cushions and throws. There's no need to redecorate the entire room of you choose warm colour to compliment or contrast with your colour scheme. Use touch-friendly fabrics such as velvet, velour, faux fur and even felt; having something tactile to snuggle into is a great way to keep the cold at bay, just add a mug of tea or chocolate and you'll feeler warmer without having to turn the heating up. A draught excluder is no longer considered old-fashioned, they help to keep heat in the room and can add a touch of whimsy if you make your own using rectangles of fabric sewn together and filled with dry sand or dried peas! Do away with harsh lighting as this can make your look look cold rather than comforting. Use table lamps and scented candles to create a homely atmosphere. Faux fur is on-trend this year so why not keep warm with a faux fur throw which matches your cushions. Wrapping yourself in comfort and warmth is perfect on the coldest of evenings.