Historically the kitchen is renowned for being the hub of the home and in many cases this still holds true especially if the aroma of freshly baked cakes, bread or a hearty winter stew is filling the house. Kitchens are also typically warm rooms simply due to the warmth radiated from an oven or hot-plates. If you live in a country cottage you may also have a range for cooking or a wood burning stove in the corner. Many modern and contemporary homes are also turning to the use of ranges and wood burning stoves as a fundamental part of kitchen design. The warm comforts of a kitchen can also be extended in terms of the soft furnishings and accessories you use. For example, if you have a kitchen table and chairs you can add seat pads to the chairs to give additional comfort and also warmth to people's bottoms – there's nothing worse that sitting on a cold chair and this simple kitchen accessory can make all the difference. Using reds and oranges will also make the kitchen look and feel warmer. As reds are the ideal colour for stimulating appetite they're great colours to choose for kitchen walls or accessories. As we've seen in the Winter Living Room Interior Design Ideas and dining room post, window treatments can make a huge difference to the amount of heat which is retained within a room. However, when it comes to dressing kitchen windows there are some points which should be considered. If your kitchen window is near your cooker, range or hot-plates you need to ensure that you choose a window dressing which isn't going to cause a potential fire hazard. Standard curtains could easily be blown near these heat sources when the window is open, therefore it would be wise to choose ready made roman blinds uk, roller binds or café style curtains which are hung close to the glass on the inside of the casing rather on the outer extremities or walls. If you don't have these potential issues then you can choose from all the usual window kitchen window dressings. Floral blinds and curtains will suit all styles of kitchens and ringtop curtains are ideal for creating an informal country cottage look. As most kitchens don't have carpets rugs are a super way of keeping feet warm and providing a warming look to stone or tiled floors. Use anti-slip backing if you're laying a rug on a highly polished surface.

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