Winter isn't over just yet: home décor considerations

Adding colour and charm to your home can help beat the winter blues and take your home effortlessly to a fresh new level. Be inspired by the colours nature provides during the winter months, cosy up on chilly days and evenings and breathe new life into your décor without undergoing a full makeover. Read on to find out how:

Beat the Blues with Blue:

The bottom of some dark blue curtains at a living room window Blue and cream checked shaggy rug on wooden flooring Blue kitchen curtains at a window
Blue is a calming colour, and while it is often said to be a cold colour it can works wonders to give your home a colour boost that's easy to live with. The paler tones are serene and tranquil, making them perfect for bedrooms and rooms that need peace and quiet, while brighter tones give a sense of cleanliness and authority making them ideal for family rooms, dining rooms and of course bathrooms. Be careful using too much blue in north facing rooms, otherwise you do run the risk of making them feel too cold, but a few blue soft furnishings and accessories will do the trick nicely.

Add Textural Elements for Cosy Warmth:

A beige woven throw draped over a cream armchair A square red cushion on a grey dining room chair Elegant velvety cream bedding

Texture plays a huge part is successful home décor, so make sure you add plenty throughout your home. During the colder months textural elements that offer a cosy warmth are great choices. Go for knitted throws and cushions in the living room and add a quilted bedspread to give style and extra warmth in bedrooms.

When the North Wind Blows:

A white floor lamp stood next to a chair Grey eyelet curtains at a living room window A close up of a rectangular patchwork cushion

When the north wind blows it will find every little crack and crevice around windows and doors, so make sure there aren't any! Use thermal blinds and curtains to help insulate against the cold and retain precious heat inside your home. Letter boxes in front doors are notorious for being draughty, simply make sure it fits snugly by using foam stripping, or use a door curtain to stop the cold air blowing into your hallway.

Embrace Winter Sunshine:

Cream voile curtains at a large metal framed window Bright yellow roller blind at a window Cream pencil pleat curtains at a window
Harness the power of the winter sun at every opportunity, It may not be high in the zenith, but every ray of sunshine will lift your mood and brighten your rooms. Place a chair near a window to get as much natural light as possible. You can also make savings on heating by opting for heavy curtains or by sitting near a window that has the sun streaming through. if you don't have the opportunity during weekdays, spend weekends relaxing near the window, and when the sun isn't shining snuggle up with a good read and a hot cup of something under a textural throw! Sources:
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