Do you dread going into your hallways because of the cold? Many people don't have heating in their hallway and even if they do hallways are notorious for being cold spots. Even in modern homes doors aren't always double glazed if they have a glass section, the slightest of breezes can make the letter box rattle and what's more is the fact that many front doors don't fit properly. There are a number of ways you can help prevent the cold draughts entering your home without having to go to the expense of having a new door fitted. Firstly check where the most obvious draughts are coming from. Simply hold the palm of your hand close to the sides, top and bottom – if there's a draught you should be able to feel it, especially on a windy day. Then check your letter box using the same method. Draughty letter boxes are relatively easy to fix. You can but a new one which fits snugly, or add a draught excluder, which usually comes as a sponge foam material which has a sticky back. With a careful hand line the letter box with the sponge and then test to see if it's done the job. If not, you could also add a letter box brush which works on the same principle but covers larger gaps without stopping the letter box from opening. If these fail and you don't want to buy new you could simply tape it shut, but the post-person may not be too enamoured if they find it impossible to deliver your mail. If you have detected draughts around the sides and top of the door you could add the same type of draught excluder. If there's still what appears to be a howling gale you can add a thick curtain, in much the same way as they did in the past before central heating was invented. Don't for a minute think that this approach is out-dated because today there are different styles of curtains that will do the job and still provide your hallway with a chic and stylish look. Ringtop curtains are ideal for this interior design job as they simply side over a curtain pole, which can be fitted on the section of wall above the door or on the door itself so that the curtain is automatically opened with the swing of the door. If you have windows or glass panels situated at the sides of the door ready made roman blinds uk can be used at night to help retain the heat in your hallway and are much more affordable than having double glazing install or up-dated. If the draught is at the bottom of the door either have a curtain which is a little too long or use a trendy sausage shaped draught excluder!

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