As we've seen throughout this week's mini-series on Winter Interior Design Ideas, there's plenty of inexpensive and effective ways of keeping a home warm. If you have guests coming to stay during the Winter you'll want to make sure that they are comfortable and keep warm. Anyone who's stayed in a home where the bedroom is cold may not be in a hurry to return too soon. Although it's not healthy to sleep in a room which is too hot, neither is it good for your health if you lay wake shivering because you're cold. Striking a happy balance is the key and you'll need to be a little flexible if you want your guests to feel welcomed. Think about your window dressing and give guests the option of sleeping with the window ajar without asking you to turn the heating up – that just doesn't make economical sense as you'll be heating the street rather than the bedroom. Velvet curtains are a great option as a Winter window dressing. The medium weight of velvet curtains will provide not only luxury look but also a more insulation than lightweight curtains. Velvet curtains can be used on their own or in conjunction with roller blinds or ready made roman blinds uk. It's also worth considering adding a thermal blackout ling to the curtains if they don't already have this feature as you'll be killing two birds with one stone so to speak. The thermal lining will provide another layer of insulation and the blackout part will ensure your guests aren't kept awake with too much unwanted light pollution entering the room. If your guests don't like complete darkness a slight gap can be created by not closing the curtains fully which will be sufficient to let a shaft of light into the room. An extra blanket or throw should be available to your guests, if you don't want to actually put it on the bed drape it over a chair and make sure they know that's its there should they need it. Duvet covers uk are available to fit any size of duvet, and although you may not want to try and find duvet covers made from flannelette (the chances of finding one are somewhat remote) having good quality sheets, even flannelette, can make all the difference for your guest's comfort.