Thankfully the vast majority of homes today have some form of heating, so we don't wake-up with ice on the inside of our windows. However, with ever increasing fuel bills we need to think of ways to keep warm in our bedrooms without going into total hibernation. We once again suggest the use of area rugs if you have cold tiled or wooden flooring. A deep plush piled rug either side of the bed provides a soft and warm place for our feet when we get in and out of bed. Faux sheepskin rugs are on-trend if you don't fancy any of the more traditional styles or patterned rugs. Keeping as warm as toast in bed is easy, you can simply up the tog rating of your duvet or add a stylish quilted bedspread to help you stay warm while you sleep. If it's your feet which feel the cold a good old-fashioned hot water bottle and a trendy bed runner placed at the bottom of the bed are both ideal feet warming solutions. Choose duvet covers uk or additional bedding in warm colours such as reds, oranges, golds or on-trend purples; any of these colours will compliment most décors and bedroom colour schemes. Use bed accessories such as boudoir styled cushions in rich colours and tactile fabrics like velvet and faux furs to compliment your bedding set. If there's any draughts from your bedroom window it's best to find out the cause and deal with it right away. If it means spending out on new windows or major refurbishments which are not affordable at this moment in time other ways to help stop the draughts include using thermal linings on curtains; swapping lightweight curtains for heavier damask, jacquard or velvet curtains. Ready made roman blinds uk can also help reduce draughts, more especially when they are fitted close to the window inside the window casing. Thermal roller blinds are also a good option and can be used in conjunction with curtains to create a chic and stylish window dressing. Dropping the harsh central lighting and using bedside table lamps is an instant way to make the room look and feel warmer, try using soft-glow light bulbs to create a serene and warming ambience. If you're going to use candles be sure to place them safely and never leave them unattended, for example if you leave the room or you're ready to drift off to sleep.