You don’t have to change everything in your bedroom to get a new look. Sometimes, simply changing the window treatment can open up the bedroom or make it go from quirky to sophisticated. Consider the look you want to achieve and take time to envision it. Look through various curtains online and envision them with your style to see if they’re a good fit. Do you want to give the impression of more window space? You can make your windows look more expansive by extending the curtains far beyond your windows borders. If you’ve always wanted rich elegant curtains in the bedroom but they don’t fit well on that small window, go long and large. Use a rod for the sheers that attaches just beyond the window. You can also use mini blinds in the same manner. For the curtains, you’ll want curtain poles or tracks that extends far beyond the windows to the width of windows you’d love to have. Simply use tie-backs that keep the curtains open enough to see most of the window and top it off with a cornice or valence if you desire. You now have the illusion of a much larger window without the necessity of remodelling. If you’ve always had long flowing curtains uk and layer of window treatment, why not go with sleek smooth lines that shutters, shades, sheers or blinds give. Changing your window treatment from bold and beautiful to simple and elegant can give your room an entirely new look without breaking your budget. A combination of half shutters and a valence can give you more light, but also protect your privacy. Do you want to make your ceilings look higher? Floor to ceiling curtains, shades or vertical blinds can create an illusion of taller ceilings and dramatically change the look of the room. Vertical blinds automatically offer the eye teasing lines but shades can also increase the sense of height in the room. You don’t have to stick with the traditional shades; Roman blinds make an elegant accent. Just make certain you have a vertical stripe somewhere in the blind to give the illusion of height. Short women have used this fashion trick for years and found it well to make them appear taller. Try waterfall swags to make your window look elegant. You can combine the utility of mini wooden blinds or a shade with the swag to keep the window simple yet dramatic. This simple change can create a new appearance for your bedroom, give you the privacy from the wooden blinds and yet the elegance of the soft flowing material from the swag.