Are you afraid of the dark? Be brave and go bold by using dark colours in your home. When chosen as accents or the principle colour, you can change the dynamics of a room in an instant. Dark colours aren't solely for contemporary homes, they can be used in virtually any style of home successfully.


Lush Home

Black is a stunning colour to use in a dining room or home office. Its dark alluring colour creates a look of refined elegance.


Room Decorating Ideas

Dark, sexy and seductive, dark textured walls add a luxury look to modern homes.


Real House Design

Embrace the darkness in a basement kitchen, highlight with pops of pink for a chic look.



Brown is a brilliant dark colour to add suave sophistication to a room.


Homes Gallery

Go dark blue in the bedroom to get the wow factor. Teamed with white it becomes gender friendly.


Trend Decoration

Deep violet screams to be noticed. It's a regal, majestic colour that sits beautifully next to white or cream.



It may be the smallest room in the house, but even cloakrooms can be decorated in dark colours without them looking claustrophobic, especially if the ceiling is high.


Lunar The Gamez

Add a royal touch of luxury to your bathroom by using an aubergine and cream colour palette.


Home Edit

Rooms that are flooded with natural light can look stylishly stunning decorate in dark colours.


New Furniture Home Decor Models

Be inspired by nature by using animal hide colours; black and white stripes of a zebra show how easy it is to use dark and still have an impressive look.


Home Edit

Dark colours are a 'must-have' for home cinemas. Team with red, electric blue or cream to prevent it resembling a gloomy cave.


Pics Decor

Just to reiterate black, or charcoal grey oozes a sexy style that's perfect for the bedroom. When done correctly it shouts style not sleaze!