Dog lovers do their pets proud with a range of home accessories, soft furnishings and fashion to keep their best friend the leader of the pack. From ultimate dog beds and luxury living accommodation to letting man's best friend sleep where they like, we take a look at some dogs in 'their' homes.
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    A large dog needs a comfortable pouffe on which to show-off his domain; coffee tables replaced by large resting places for dogs to survey their home is a trend which looks set to stay with us for many years to come. Image source: AGBeat
  • Do you treat your dog like royalty? There's no getting away from the fact that many dogs have pride of place in people's homes - and for those who prefer to give their dog a little outdoor luxury can pamper their pooch with their very own Whitehouse. Image source: Arch Daily
  • Another fabulous example of making your dog feel at home. Even working dogs are given the 5 start treatment with an ample sized bed complete with soft furnishings. Image source: Homeklondike
  • The debate about whether you should allow pets to rule the roost continues to spark animated arguments. If you smother your dog with love by allowing them to sleep on your bed then it's only too right that they have the very finest quality bedding on which to rest their weary heads. Image source: Elle Decor
  • From glamorous outside dog homes to quirky inside beds - dog lovers will go to any length to ensure their best friends is given a special place of their own. Image source: Busy Door
  • Fashion accessories have to be up to the minute if you want to make an impact. Dogs dressed to compliment their owners attire is becoming increasingly popular with the fashion world. Image source: Designwire
  • Make your dog feel at home and not out on show by providing a discreet place for them to rest. This must be the ultimate in multi-functional home furniture. Image source: Femaleways
  • Love dogs but don't want them actually sleeping on your furniture? Having doggie themed accessories is a great way to show your passion without having to put up with pet hairs over your sofa. Image source: High End Weekly
  • Guard dogs for you bed? Many owners will allow their beloved friends pride of place in the bedroom; of course the breed of dog has to compliment the style of home, or is it the other way round? Image source: Materialgirls Blog
  • Colour co-ordinated homes is brought to a new level by having a dog basket and dog clothing to compliment the style and colour scheme of your home. A best friend or merely an accessory for the fashionista of the interior design world? Image source: 2modern Blog