White Kitchen Ideas

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

White kitchens have stood the test of time. We take a look at some stunning white kitchens from across interior design styles to get your taste buds watering.

Clean, sleek lines compliment wooden floors beautifully. Personalised green accessories provide a modern, homely look. Undulating lines inspire a sense of movement and direction.

Black, white and wooden floors contrast beautifully Ultra white surfaces ooze chic style. A central cooking island offers an informal place to share a meal.

Rustic charm meets modern touches head on. Maximising space in a small kitchen is the hallmark of successful design. White and cream tiles gives a kitchen a clean, yet traditional look

Contemporary kitchens are sleek and sophisticated. White enables new to sit comfortably within old. Pattern and hints of colour give this kitchen fresh, modern appeal.

Stylish, contemporary design meets the demand of modern lifestyles. White, bright and light family kitchen. Style is created by no unnecessary clutter on worktops.

Hardwood floors and white are always winning colour combinations. Modern cottage appeal is highlighted by white cabinets. Use of natural materials remains bang on-trend.

The juxtaposition of white and straight lines adds visual interest. Modern lighting are perfect for contemporary kitchens. Floating wall cupboards and sharp, clean lines accentuate the design beautifully.

Central islands give a traditionally styled kitchen modern appeal. Fabulous storage options offer an efficient style. Seating give a stylish, homely and inviting look.

White and wooden floors allow for shades of brown to soften the look. Open shelving steals the show in this dynamic kitchen. Touches of cream compliment the white units attractively.

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