When they insist on black…….It's cool

Don't fret when your teen insists on having black décor in their bedroom. Take heed of the old adage 'go with the flow….it's cool', because quite frankly the more you protest about their colour choice the more they'll insist!

Teenagers Bedroom Design In Black

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Black and white have been winning colour combinations for decades, today is not exception. Tone black down with expanses of white and you'll see that black is indeed a cool colour choice.

Stylish Teenage Boys Bedroom with Sectional Units

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If you really can't bare the thought of black you can always opt for trendy colours such as grey-black – it's still black, just not as intense as true black.

Beatles Themed Teenage Boys Bedroom-


Throw grey and/or aubergine into the colour palette to create a room that hits all the right notes in terms of style; giving you a peaceful life along with a satisfied teen.

Green, Black And White Teenage Boys Bedroom

Houz Room Design

Use a zesty lime or orange to contrast against black, you'll see that these two colours and surprisingly refreshing.

Very Classy Bedroom With Large Windows Overlooking A Marina

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Monochromatic black to grey is extremely refined and chic, perfect for either gender. It's also a very mature colour combo that will suit older teens.

Black And white Modern Bedroom, With Floating Shelves And Funky Globe Lamps
Six Feet From The Edge
Take the 50 Shades of Grey approach to create a mature teen room they will drool over.
Black, White And Yellow Boys Bedroom With Funky Clocks On The Wall


Just like lime or orange, citrus yellow adds a pop of colour to a black décor.

Cool Black Room For Teenager Musicians With Chalk Writing Of Guitar Cords On The Wall

WH Police

Go for blackboard black walls and let them create their own wall art. It's a great way (and somewhat sneaky!) of preventing the room from being totally black.

Teen girls Bedroom Design In Pink, White And Black

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Add a splash of pink to make a teenage girl's bedroom look incredibly chic and stylish.

Funky Bedroom With Black And White Wallpaper And Black And White Old Photographs On The Wall

Leazer Brothers

Black with ivory, frills and lacy can look pretty and feminine.

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