When do they go back to school?

We're at the beginning of the school holidays and many parents will already be asking “When do they go back to school?” The school holidays don't have to be a nightmare, with a little pre-planning there's plenty of ways to keep the kids occupied, and you sane, over the next few weeks. Here's 10 ideas to get you started!


DIY craft ladybirds made from empty toilet rolls

Upcycled Wonders

Children love making things! When it's not suitable to go outdoors, give them plenty of old boxes, card, paper, glue and paints and let their imaginations run wild. Offering a theme, such as bugs or butterflies, will help reduce the “I don't know what to make” whines!


Two young boys making a large sandcastle on the beach

Rask Travel

Head off to the beach for the day to build sandcastles and if it's warm enough a spot of paddling won't go amiss.


A boy playing on the grass with a striped multi-colour kite

981 The Hawk

Make or buy a kite and go to the park, or anywhere that allows plenty of running room and no overhead cables.


Large blue and yellow park climbing frame with two slides

Family Funin South Jersey

Take a trip down to the local play park. If you walk it's a freebie and a great way for the kids to expend some energy.


Three teddy bears having a picnic in the park


Have a teddy bears picnic either on your own lawn or in the park.


DIY wooden Go Cart in the garage

Unnatural 59 Ken

Older children will love making and riding their own go-cart.


Blanks and throws covering dining room chairs to make a child fort, castle or den


Use blankets and a bed cover to make inside tents and hideaways.


Lots of rocks and stones by a stream with a group of children looking for fish, tadpoles and frogs

Rhino's Club

Head off to the local stream and do a spot of bug and fish hunting.


Two children playing tennis on an outdoor faux grass court

Tots 100

Be inspired and encourage the children to play sports.

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