What's your interior design style? Old world

As this is the last post in this mini-series I thought I'd include Old World as this a great interior design style often gets neglected as many people wrongly believe that it's only for the rich and wealthy! Follow some of these interior design ideas and lavish your home with beautiful things!

The basics: The hallmark of Old World style is a combination of an old European manor house and a relaxed and comfortable interior.

Colour: The principle colours are combinations of classical cream and burgundy, navy blue and ochre and teal and forest greens. Accents are seen in gold and silver coloured finishes which are coordinated with gold leaf picture frames to give the room an expensive and luxury look which still comes across as relaxed and homely (in an aristocratic way!)

Textures: Tumbled marble is typical of Old World style. You won't see any polished surfaces as distressed and matte finishes are used throughout homes. Exposed beans on ceilings are also a feature along with arched doorways and windows. Different textures are abundant in fabrics and materials used for furniture and soft furnishings. Lavish brocades, Damask, leather, gorgeous silks, tapestries, velvets and stripes are all used to create a stylish interior which exudes chic styling.

Surfaces: Surfaces which look aged such as crackled glazes, sanded surfaces and dark-stained wood are used. As this style is a mix of European influences, such as French antiques and marble, tiles and limestone, any rough surface is acceptable. You could also team polished ceramics with rustic iron work to create a superb contrast in finishes. Try not to over clutter surfaces, it's finery and the impression of wealth you're trying to portray, so expensive looking objects should be highlighted, albeit discreetly, whenever possible.

Get the look: To get the look you really should have genuine antiques and artefacts carefully placed in all rooms. Iron or metal work are the ideal accessories for this style including your curtain poles or curtain rails. As this looks imparts on the wealthy you should show that you're well travelled by the inclusion of animal print rugs and old world maps.

You can mismatch furniture and include other key features such as large furniture, woven lampshades, leather or fabric bound books, leather or donkey hide storage trunks are used as accent pieces and put on show. Fringes, tassels and bead-work is another way to bring the look to life. Use beautiful silks for cushions and pencil pleat brocade or Damask ready made navy, dark beige or teal curtains which are swept open and held in place with oversized tassel tiebacks in your contrasting colour.

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