What's Your Interior Design Style? Bohemian

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

The basics: This interior design style embraces lifestyles and cultures, and takes on an ethnic look. Inspired by the bold colours and patterns of India and Asia and the Middle East bohemian interior design is vibrant and refreshing. If you get this interior design style right you feel as if you could be walking into a room anywhere in the world, it will be full of life and colour. The Bohemian lifestyle is that of a carefree attitude, with its roots in Gypsy and Nomadic cultures.

One of the greatest advantages of this style is that you can be frugal just as long as you have a touch of flair and some thoughtful interior design ideas! Colour: Bright bold colours should be used when adopting this interior style, coordinate them beautiful earthy tones. Use your imagination to bring colour into a room by the use of clever accents and accessories such as rugs, saris, shawls, cushions and throws.

Textures: The mixture of rich textures in fabrics are essential; Use velvet, silk, satin and cotton either as key pieces or as embellishments and braiding on pillow slips cheap bed linen, tablecloths and bedding sets. The key to the success of the style is to have as many different textures, just as long as they're natural rather than man-made. Use full length curtains which are home-made, avoid ready made blinds or fancy curtains. However, home-made Roman blinds are ideal window dressings. Use curtain tasselled tiebacks to gently sweep open the curtains, it doesn't matter whether they're matching or not and use further tasselled tiebacks to hang from door and cabinet handles.

Surfaces: This is one interior design style where clutter is almost essential! Too many plain surfaces and you won't to create a true Bohemian style. Natural wood flooring should be covered with rugs, cushions and bean bags to create a laid-back attitude and relaxing atmosphere. Natural stone flooring is also widely acceptable and kitchens made from pine bode well with this style.

Get the look: This is where you can let your imagination run wild and rather than buy expensive accessories opt to cheap table lamps and drape necklaces round them or use jewellery as an accessory, simply by piling bangles into a glass bowl on a coffee table to help create the look. Use crystals, tear-drops shaped jewels and prisms to catch the light to create the natural beauty of light itself. Completely do away with any overhead lighting, use a variety of different table lamps to create a casual and ambient lighting effects.

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