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What to do with fashionably festive antlers

Antlers, real or faux, have been used to decorate people's home for centuries. It has to be said they are a bit like Marmite, you either love them or loathe them. Either way there's no getting away from the fact that many interior designers use them as wall art or accessories.

They may be fashionable but what on earth do you do with them? Note: Many species of male deer lose their antlers every year, so there's no need to think that the animals are harmed, unless of course they've been shot or run over, when you see antlers displayed in people's homes.

Wooden antler like wine rack


Antlers make a fabulous, natural wine rack.

Antlers and trophy decorating in a cream office

Sarah Catherine Design

When used as wall art antlers can look stunning. Once the 'must have' in hunting lodges, today they are making a statement in offices too.

Antlers used as a jewellery holder

No Glitter No Glory

They can be used to display and hold jewellery, looking especially spectacular wit long necklaces.


Ali Express

An antler chandelier looks amazing in the right setting.

Antler Christmas tree

Alligator Hall

Antlers can be used to create a stunning festive tree.

Antlers in a glass vase and on a counter top

Save On Crafts

If you have a natural decorating motif antlers can be used as display pieces on shelves or placed in pretty glass vases.

Round white decorative antlers over a bed

Made In China

A wreath made from antlers, painted white, is perfect on a bedroom wall.

Antlers used to hang bags

Ali Express

Use them to hang your handbags or make a coat rack for an entrance hall.

Deer antler arm chair with matching foot stool

Natty Solo

Large antlers look impressive when used as part of a chair made from wood.

Antlers used to hold magazines

Joys Design

Link antlers together and use them as a magazine holder.

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