While many of our friends are off on holiday (vacation) others seem to be wrapping up Summer. I didn't want to go down the latter route just yet – I want to eke out Summer as long as possible! So, I've taken inspiration for the use of pattern and texture – which is one of this Autumn/Winter trends. Take a look at what others are saying to give you some fabulous ideas to boost the look of your home.

two ellie

Mixing patterns is on-trend, however, you do need a little intuition of how colours and patterns work well together. This post provides a variety of ideas using the same patterned sofa with different colours and patterned accessories. I think you'll agree it's inspiring.


Although is post is a house tour of designer Angie Hranowsky the colours, patterns and textures are exquisite. I love the vibrancy of the colours, which although bright aren't too glaring or offensive to the eyes.


If you're looking to be inspired by colour you won't be disappointed with this post. I adore the labour of love it must have taken to arrange the books by colour – they make a splendid focal point which blends superbly with the simply dressed bed.

The Peak of Chic®

This is a delightful post that put a smile on my face. It's true, in my opinion, tables with their legs covered look like parcels wrapped up – maybe you disagree? Let us know whether you think furniture legs should be left naked!


Black and white colour schemes are a classical favourite; Julie has bought the look up to-date with a look at black and white patterns, along with an entrance hall. It has to be said that black and white isn't everyone's cup of tea, but when done correctly can look stunning without being too overpowering or pretentious.

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