Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy have shown us great posts on bedrooms, their theme for March, 'including before and after' images which are ideal for showing that most things are possible. The post on lighting gears us up for outdoor lighting – when the weather decides to play nicely!

Attic Mag

Use of bold colours and patterns, with attention to detail are highlighted this week by Atticmag. I love their post on fashion staircases, a much forgotten area in homes. Atticmag also provide great information and images of small space challenges which are at the forefront of many current blogs.


Interesting post on small bathrooms, showing just how stylish they can be. Decorology acknowledge that many folk don't live in sprawling homes the size of mansions, showing they have their finger on the pulse of interior design in the real world. Other posts include bedrooms which are a common theme among the interior design bloggers this week.


Lots of bedroom inspiration this month along with some whimsical fashion and car accessories – the eyelashes on the car simply bring a smile to your face. Cheerfulness and the use of bold colours is also on the menu. Spring Fever has gripped Annechovie in the garden and home with a wonderful image of party ware in on-trend sherbet colour tones.


Room of the week is a great feature showing insight to other people's rooms and homes. This week they shared a fabulous cottage using a lot of natural materials, especially wood. Coco+kelley have also given some wonderful small seating solutions, taking us into real homes which are mansions – it's this type of information that keeps you returning to see what other interior design inspirations are possible. Easter marbled eggs and hand-made marbled table napkins add a touch of seasonal wisdom, providing instructions of how to create your own – an easy DIY project that adds a seasonal touch to homes.

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