Blogs written by men seen to be few and far between, especially as sole authors. We've found some that are worth a look if you're searching for interior design inspiration that has a definite nod towards masculinity. Or maybe you're just as interested as we are in finding out what men are saying about 'all things interior design.' An Urban Cottage This fascinating blog is an on-going before and after story. Steve shares his experiences for finding all interior fixtures and fittings; this week he's been focusing on his bathroom. Written in friendly, light hearted manner his mantra ''Guys like nice houses, too!'' is very evident in his blog. Angelo: HOME angelo surmelis shares his love of interior design with this interesting blog. This week angelo (he doesn't use a capital letters for his name) has taken a cue from the warmer weather arriving and invites his readers to 'dine & lounge a little fresher' focusing on trendy outdoor living. I particularly like the 'design your own style' post. Lots of great images, along with design tips placed onto some at relevant places to help readers achieve focus on individual room elements. MANHATTAN NEST Daniels blog is relatively new, he also shares his life experiences of transforming his Manhattan home. This blog has quite a large narrative, but also some 'how tos' with step-by-step processes and photographs. Daniel does use some occasional language which some may find offensive, so if you don't like his writing style you can just look at the images!