What colour do you dream?

We all dream; whether you remember them or not is another matter. The question is do you dream in colour? Some people do and some don't. Research has shown that a higher percentage of younger people dream in colour, with some researchers believing that this could be associated to the greater amount of visual stimulation in colour via television, computer games etc. than older generation.

If you do dream in colour have you ever considered what the colour could mean? We take a light-hearted look at the interpretation of dreaming in colour and how it could unwittingly influence the colour scheme you chose your bedroom.


Dark red bedroom

Girls Ly

If your dreams contains red décor this represents richness and comfort; red is also associated with passion on a positive note and rage on a negative one.


Vivid orange bedroom


Dreams which contain the colour orange are said to represent the quirky and outrageous side of your nature.


Stylish brown bedroom with hints of cream

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Associated with earth this colour is cosy, warm and homely.


Cream, white and beige bedroom with mirror wardrobe at the end of the bed

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Any dream containing cream means your relaxed and easy going; it's also the colour of friendship making it a good colour choice for guest room décor.


Modern green and white bedroom with white pillar column on the right of the bed


Green is the colour of birth, rebirth and new life. It's also a calming colour; but beware it can also be associated with envy and greed- as in the green eyed monster that may be lurking within.

Dark Blue

Dark blue and white bedroom with white abstract canvas above the bed

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Dark blue is a mature colour, that's level headed, which is probably why it's one of the most used corporate colours.

Light Blue

Light blue and white bedroom with traditional white wooden bed frame

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In contrast light blue represents motherhood and someone with a cool nature.


Indigo and white bedroom with pencil drawings on the walls of buildings and structures


Indigo is the ultimate colour choice for bedrooms as it means you're at peace with the night.

Black and White

Black and white bedroom, with funky and modern chair lounger at the end of the bed

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If you dream in black and white it shows that you accept that good and bad coexist together in the world.


Light grey and white bedroom, with mirror covered drawers by the side of the bed

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Grey represents home and comfort.

Pink and White

White and pink bedroom with beige and pink floral canvas above the bed

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Dreams which include images in pink and white are interpreted as showing cleanliness and warmth.

Pink and Red

Bedroom using different dark and light shades of pink

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On the other hand dreams in pink and red equate to passion and love.


Dark blue and purple bedroom

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If you dream in purple you have inner serenity and peace.

Shining White

All white bedroom with shutters on the doors, leading out to a pool


If your dreams contain images in shining white they are said to represent energy in a pure form.

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