Wet Bars….Do You Need One?

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted
Wet bars are small home bars that have a sink with running water, so that the speed of serving alcoholic drink and washing glasses is increased. So what makes them different from your kitchen sink? Well, if you want to impress then they are one of the latest interior design trends and a 'must-have' addition to your home this year. Small traditional kitchen in dark wood, set within a small kitchen alcove


Wet bards don't have to be enormous. Neat, compact bars can be placed in virtually any room that has a water feed. Stone clad kitchen walls and semi circle breakfast bar

Inhome Aupair

If you have a den then your wet bar can be created at one end, right next to the beer fridge! Lovely cream living space and kitchen sink in a fresh bright room

Apartement Lifestyle

Opt for a simple, yet stylish design that is not OTT. contemporary home theatre with drinks bar and bar stools


Corner designs are great space savers. Very modern and stylish kitchen space with clean reflective surfaces and french doors

Yacine Aziz

If you have the space a large contemporary design is the height of luxury living. Wooden staircase with wine storage underneath

Ever Cool Homes

Maximise the available space by placing a wet bar in the space under the stairs. Large stone barbeque pit in a garden

Domi Dizajn

If you love outdoor living and entertaining an outdoor wet bar will make a fabulous addition to your patio area.

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