The definition of vintage is ‘a season yield of wine from a vineyard’, hmmm not really what we’re interested in, well it is, but not in this context. Vintage in fashion is something which is old and out of mode, or indeed a piece which has enduring appeal, making it a classic. We are all used to this with clothes, we know vintage makes you unique and you can often pick up a quality or even designer item at a bargain price. The same came be said for interiors, and definitely for furniture. Old furniture can offer add a sense of grandeur to a room, back in the days when chairs were hand crafted and highly ornate things looked sturdy and built to last. Nowadays these pieces become focal points as well made beauty never goes out of style.

The big vintage trend this year is inspired by the 1950s; it’s time to go retro. Bring back the bold colours, abstract shapes and geometric patterns and team them with modern bold colours on your walls, floors and furnishings. The key items to achieve the 50’s look is to find wire framed chairs and black lacquered wooden tables, any furniture with strong silhouettes, metal legs and laser cut lace patterns. You can buy these new as the remakes are available, but if you are looking for a real bargain then try and find an authentic original second hand one.

That’s another reason the Vintage look is perfect for the current financial climate. You are able to redecorate you home using the pieces that other people no longer want, rather than going to antiques stores which will increase the price of everything, get yourself to car boot sales, garage sales, and auctions. It’s amazing what people will throw away. You can salvage a quality solid wood hand crafted chair by reupholstering it with funky colourful material and combine vintage with modern to suit your own style.

The shabby chic look also works well with Vintage style. To achieve a sparse light look, perfect for summer, use white, faded grey or watery blue walls set off against a feature wall in a single bright colour. For the furnishings add simple stripped patterns as seat covers or cushions in old velvet, silk and linen. The complete the look find authentic vases, ornaments, photo frames, Discount Table Lamps, Mirror Lamps, light fittings from second hand stores in a variety of materials to give your room an eclectic relax feel.

With an eclectic theme it’s possible to mix your new with your old, your plain with your patterned, and you’re bright with your dull. Changing pieces as and when you can afford to and when you find them, it creates a very interesting space with many individual features but be careful not to overdo it so it appears the room itself is a jumble sale.

There are now companies available that will transform old and tired pieces of furniture into beautiful and desirable pieces of art for the home. Companies such as Blam Designs, meaning even old furniture that has been left to you can be given new life and recycled.

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