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Vertical blinds ideas to leave you horizontal!

Extremely versatile and perfect for large windows or patio doors, vertical blinds are a popular choice in homes and the workplace. Their efficient, non-fussy appearance means they fit well in any modern scheme.


Those who previously feared vertical blinds giving their home a “tele-sales office” look fear no more. Vertical blinds today are a completely different breed to those of years gone by. Ranges available in luxurious leather and sumptuous faux suede will banish any notion that verticals are for the work place only.


Also available in fabric, PVC, aluminium and wood, vertical blinds offer a superb versatility. Fabric verticals in particular, offer huge variety due to their ability to be painted, patterned and dyed. Choosing a fabric vertical does not mean compromising on the wonderfully sharp linear qualities for which vertical blinds are known, with each fabric stripped weighted at the bottom, they hold their shape perfectly.


In terms of manageability, vertical blinds have little competition. With most varieties being waterproof they are easily wiped or washed. It is this quality that makes them a perfect choice for bathroom or kitchens where humidity would make curtains inappropriate. Similarly anywhere where dirt and grime could build up such as garages or workshops would benefit from their ability to be quickly cleaned.


It is not only large areas of glass to which vertical blinds are suited but also tricky to cover narrow windows.


The versatility of vertical blinds extends far beyond their ability to fit in schemes of all shapes, sizes and conditions. They are also perfect in any weather. The rotating louver control system gives complete control over how much light is allowed into a room without needs to roll them up or down. The substantial material which each blind is made of, plus their overlapping nature, means that when closed they can offer a complete shut out of even the harshest sun. It is this feature which makes them such a popular choice for bedrooms and cinema rooms.


Sitting well into the recess of a window, vertical blinds are completely ornament friendly- no more knocking over your favourite counter accessories when drawing the curtains!


Vertical blinds really do offer the opportunity to create something unique due to their slat system. For a truly dynamic look, individually colouring each vertical not only breaks up a large area of glass but also fully stages the unique linear pattern created by vertical blinds. Alternatively, glossy PVC blinds will reflect and disperse light at various angles and provide depth to a room through the addition of an unusual texture in a room. Minimal fans will love the simple but strong form of vertical blinds, whilst those wanting to create theatre and drama will love the sharp repeated contrast a dark set of verticals will create on a bright day.


Vertical blinds have really changed beyond all recognition in recent years. What were once utilised solely for their practicality and convenience are now being recognized as blinds which offer great scope for individuality and expression.

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