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Valentines home décor

Would you look at that seems January is flying by already as pretty soon it’s going to be a day of flowers, chocolates ,romance and all that jazz as valentine’s day is right around the corner.

Collage of heart and love themed interiors

Taking some inspiration from this month’s holiday I’ve brought together some eclectic home décor idea’s to really embrace valentine reds and this heartfelt occasion in a very different way, not just for a day but all year long to maybe inspire many you within your own home décor projects. Beige living room with teal sofa and red and white sofa cushion


When the thought of Valentine’s Day comes to mind often we’ll associate the day with bright and deep tones of red. However to add a different look and feel to this inspired décor why not create something eclectic and unique with a softer palette of rouge. Bringing shades of peach, coral or pale pink into your living space with complimenting colours and patterns like you see here, can add this character, contrast and detail to a room without overpowering its overall design. Collage of personal photos making the shape of heart


One little DIY home décor project idea I’m sure you’ll be head over heels for is making use of those lovely personal photographs and memories of times spent with the people you care about whether family, a partner or friends. If you have a collection of treasured photographs stashed away waiting to be admired, pull them out and create your own personalised heart photo wall piece to add a more heartfelt feel to your home. Another great thing about this décor piece is you can alternate photographs as and whenever you like in no time at all. Cream bedroom with bedside table and white bedding


If you’re thinking of decorating your bedroom or guest room but are on a little bit of a budget a fresh collection of bedding, wall art and bedroom accessories here and there maybe all you need. Again working with a pink tone colour palette that you like, you can combine this with fresh brilliant whites to really brighten up a room for it to appear more open and spacious. For a finishing touch add some personal touches and maybe a tinted pink vase and some flowers from that secret admirer of yours. Cream bedroom with fairy lights draped over the walls decorating personal photos


There’s something about fairy lights that add this warmth to a room, though sure they’re on the slightly girly side they’re perfect again for hanging those cherished photos, valentines cards and anonymous love notes this February. Now that we’re all wrapped up with our valentine inspired project, how are you going to spruce up your home and spend this valentine?

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