Though for many of us our beds are the place for much needed rest and beauty sleep at the end of a long day, that doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t use them for other things especially on a lazy weekend. What sorts of things can you use your bed for aside from sleeping I hear you say? Well there are plenty of things on an easy day that we might like to do in bed when getting up seems like too much hard work  from the occasional laptop day to gaming, catching up on your favourite TV episodes to a bit of light reading.     So you see there are plenty of things for you to do, although that being said too much time spent in bed like this can cause bad posture, body aches and stiffness. If this is something you feel is dampening your day’s relaxing in bed then a reading or lounge pillow maybe the perfect solution for you. To fill you in a little more on what these reading and lounge pillows are all about, here is a bit of insight into what they are and how they may just make your time in bed all the more relaxing accompanied with a good book. Reading pillow Perfect for anyone who loves to lay in comfort whilst getting lost in the chapters of a good book you just can’t put down or during a bit of laptop time at night. The reading pillow is a wedge like propped pillow that is specially tailored to rest evenly against the top your bed’s headboard.     Due to its shape and fit this pillow allows you to rest comfortably at an angle with both upper and lower support for your back preventing any twisting or changes to your posture. These pillows often also come with a top neck roll which rests beneath your neck and shoulder area giving comfort as you read and chapter or two before some much needed shut eye.  Reading pillows may also come with extra features such as being hypoallergenic, storage pockets, various sizes and more.     Lounging pillow   Secondly is the lounge pillow which resembles the upper part of a cushion chair. This bed pillow in particular has built in arm rests that provide you comfort and support whilst your play a game, flip through the channels or read. Lounge pillows also come with additional features such as being hypoallergenic, storage for remotes, holders for any drink, beverage and more. Last but not least know that your bedroom is a place for you to relax and ease into a comfortable restful state, so doing activities like this from the comfort of your bed is sure to help reduce any stress and anxieties you may have. So the next time you decide to take a lazy evening in bed with a good book or more, be sure to have your own reading or lounge pillow to hand so that you can sit in comfort before a good night’s sleep.

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