Using textiles to personalise your home 7: guest rooms

Personalising your guest room might be one of the more difficult rooms to personalise in general. It is a room in theory you will use very little, maybe using the closet space for storage of some of your clothes, coming in to do some cleaning, maybe having an afternoon nap here. Unless you know that you will have one regular guest using your guest room and exactly what kind of person they are and what their taste is, all you can really do is add a little touch of who you are to guest room, something that is an extension of the warmth and happiness you have towards them.

A room for everybody: When designing and creating a guest room, the textiles chose will be reflective of this. Perhaps one of the bets place to look when creating a guest room is a hotel room. Hotel rooms are completely designed to suit the tastes of all types of people and compliment all senses and feelings. When choosing textiles for the guest room, think of very neutral, soft and welcoming colours. It doesn't have to be cold or generic, but just place yourself in your guest's shoes as they walk into the room.

Dark colours might be a turn off, creating a gloomy and dingy mood and feeling and bright colours might be too intrusive on the senses. Textiles of extreme patterns and material as well might send the guest’s senses all over the place! Something which is calm and subtle is a great way to make your guests feel welcome for the time they are there.

Colour and fabric: The colours are best to be soft and neutral, such as whites and beige and soft shades. It doesn't have to be sterile looking and plain, but the materials should be soft and clean and crisp in appearance and you can contrast this by having a little more colourful or richer shaded furniture. If there are dark hardwood floors, for example, light cream rugs that are soft and of medium thickness is a great way to create some contrast and break up and plainness. Furniture textiles should be comfortable and soft and not cold and hard.

Choose a fabric which is welcoming and provides a sense of rest when sat on. Pillows and duvet covers bedding should be comfortable and subtle and simply be a place for them to rest their heads and forget or relish the day. Ready made blackout curtains should be light and contribute to a bright and airy feeling, but also allow light to be shielded, they should be soft and appealing to the touch. Remember, the textiles choice of your guest room should be reflective and for your guests and be an extension of the warmth and joy you feel of having them to stay.

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