Using textiles to personalise your home 6: kitchens

Kitchens are maybe the biggest and most important rooms to design in our home. Big, not as in size, but as in feel which can be carried throughout the rest of the house. No matter how small or large our kitchens are, they are maybe the key and most centred room for visitor's concentration and the place where we need to be who we are and get everything we need. As we all know, whenever we have returned from seeing somebody's home for the first time, the first room we comment on is the kitchen.

Either it was beautiful or too small. There are various textiles you can use to add to your kitchen's appeal and fulfil your ideal design. Design and textile choice: The design of a kitchen is very important and the textiles will have to be reflective of this. Design doesn't mean physical design, since many of us live in houses and flats where kitchens were pre-made, it simply means the look and feeling you are trying to achieve. Generally, kitchens are meant to be as large and bright as possible.

Any window coverings, such as ready made curtains should be of a light colour and preferably thin which will maximise light and thus space. We don't have to be too concerned with privacy in the kitchen, since our romantic escapades here will probably be minimal, and limited to the rare fleeting moment! So any windows you have try to keep them as open and exposed as possible. Neutral and light colours suit all design styles, from modern to traditional, to country. If you have a kitchen table, the material of the seats, like dining room tables can very much convey a feel and sense to the visitor and yourself.

The colours and materials of the seats can be carefully picked, by placing ourselves in our guests seats, to see what best convey this feeling. Any material, from cotton blends, polyester, velvet, vinyl and leather can serve these functions and can all be obtained easily from fabric wholesalers UK. A rug in the kitchen? Most kitchens are carpet and rug free for obvious reasons, since water is likely to be spilled and leaks will occur.

But a small kitchen rug, perhaps under a table, or placed in front of an area of the counter where preparation is done can break up hard surfaces and provide some comfort. A material and design can compliment the look of your kitchen – if your kitchen is modern in design, perhaps a solid coloured rug would be best; or if you kitchen is more traditional, the rug can reflect this with a traditional material, colour and pattern or print. The kitchen is a gathering place and focused room. It is a great way to say who you are by the textile choices you make.

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