Using textiles to personalise your home 4: bathrooms

Perhaps using textiles in our bathroom to give a sense of who we are and what we feel might seem a little limited. Textiles probably aren't the first materials we think about when we think of those used in a bathroom. We probably think of harder and smooth surfaced materials, such as tile and glass. But although we are perhaps limited by what we can use in the bathroom to sometimes provide softer textures, the few items which we can use can make quite an impression.

This items can vary in key areas and the material and colour we choose can make a very distinct impression. Textiles in the bathroom: Perhaps the first thing we think of when we think of this are curtains which can be put up on bathroom windows. The curtains might not only depend on what feel or design you want to incorporate into your bathroom, but might also depend on the size of the window and what direction it's facing or what it opens to. If the window is small, we will probably want a lighter material, something that allows in as much light as possible, while providing privacy.

If the window doesn't open to anything of concern, or in other words, there is really nobody who can see into our bathroom, then we have a little more freedom of choice. We can choose lighter and thinner material such as voile curtain fabric, to allow light and create an open and airy feeling in the bathroom. If privacy is an issue, thicker material can be used. A bathroom rug is always quite a good idea. Make it a small rug of a material that is thick but can quickly dry. A thick rug provides a softness and comfort and, important in the winter, a warmth. It is a place to stand and feel warm while we brush our teeth and brush our hair while we slowly dry.

Also, the colour of this rug can make quite an impression, as can a possible pattern. Sometimes a bold and solid colour or interesting pattern can really add a curious element to a bathroom. Colour: A quick note of colour in the bathroom and the textile colours used – what feel and design you are going for in the bathroom places a large role. If you are going for a more modern design, a more functional design, than the materials can be reflective of that. A simple rug of modest colour, or small and functional ready made curtains drawing little attention can be used. Don't forget about the shower curtains if you don't have some other water retaining method. These can be very fun and distinct and make a strong impression on the person entering the bathroom.

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