Using textiles to personalise your home 1: living rooms

This week we are going to be take a look at textiles and how you can use them to personalise your home. We're going to begin with the living room and give a few interior design ideas to inspire you to try something new! Textiles are a great way to create an identity in your living room and also, in reflection to all of those entering your home, to allow people to see who you are.

Our homes are probably the largest extension and representation of who we are as people, out side of our clothes! The first time you walk into somebody's home, you get an immediate sense of who they are, what is important to them, what makes them tick. Using textiles is a great way to create that identity and sense in your living room.

As the name implies, the living room is a room in the house where you will spending much of your time, either watching TV or curled up with a good book or entertaining friends. Textiles can accomplish different tasks and desires. Feeling: Probably the largest concern with anybody in their living room, as with any room, is to create a feeling. A sense of what this room is about and how you are supposed to feel when you are in it. And that feeling is for the person who lives there, and is therefore an extension of who they are, but it is also for anybody who is visiting.

Textiles can accomplish various moods and feelings. If you want the want the living room to be warm and comfortable, you will want to have soft textiles with soft and earthy colours. Various materials inready made curtains can accomplish this, larger thicker curtains and darker in colour. The furniture can offset this by having lighter colours but also having thick and full textile material. Rugs are a great way to provide warmth and cushioning to your flooring as well as adding a sense of comfort in a living room.

Hardwood floors look great, but are exactly that – hard and sometime cold. Large brown rugs can offset this by creating a very soft and comfortable feeling, tying beautifully with earth tones. Likewise, if the living room is to inspire a more upbeat and fun environment, brighter textiles of courser and crisper material can really create a sense of brightness and awareness that allows people to be more alert and energetic and it is conducive to socialising.

Colour: As obvious as it seems, colours of textiles in the living room are going to be hugely inspirational to the mood. Dark, warm colours such as earth tones and reds and oranges create very laid back and tranquil senses, while bright colours, even pastels, create vibrant energies and a real sense of fun.

Sometimes even having very colourful piece of different types of textiles which stand out, such as cushions and throws in faux fur, satin and silk can really cause you and your visitors some surprise as well as creating an atmosphere of fun and curiosity. Textiles are a great way to personalise your living room and there are many to choose from especially if you use a fabric wholesalers UK.

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