Using on-trend teal geometrics

Despite popular beliefs teal doesn't have to be staid and boring and only used in combination with brown! This season the mixture of teal and geometrics makes a lively and stylish colour scheme which will such traditional, modern or contemporary interiors beautifully. As with any colour teal is available in a wide range of shades and hues, so you'll be able to pick the one that suits you style of home the best.

For example contemporary and modern interiors can be brought alive with teal and lime green combos, while a more traditionally styled home may prefer a more muted shade of teal which nudges towards duck-egg. This beautiful colour looks fabulous when used as the main colour in a room set against white or ivory, however if you want something a little bolder try mixing teal with a deep rich chocolate brown.

The latter being a great way to use teal if you have a dark wooden floor and wooden blinds. The two contrasting colours compliment each other really well, furthermore they can be used in rooms which need a masculine touch, say a teenage boy's bedroom. If you don't fancy using teal on your walls you can introduce it as your accent colour via duvets sets, cushions and rugs. If you love handicrafts making your own Roman blinds using a teal fabric will give you the opportunity to make matching cushions and other soft furnishings if you like a fully co-ordinated room.

You could also use teal fabric to make a screen for a bedroom or use it to re-cover a headboard for those who love sewing and craft work the list of possible uses is endless. Don't restrict the colour or the geometric patterns to your living room or bedroom, use oceanic hues which include on-trend teal in your bathroom to compliment a beach colour scheme, the geometrics can come into play via the fabrics you use or on wall tiles or flooring. As we've seen in previous posts geometrics don't have to solely be circles and triangles, stripes play an important role and are perfect for use in bedroom, more especially for those who don't like overly fussing prints and patterns on their bedding. Bring a touch of teal into your home this season and you'll bring your room up to-date – wait until Christmas and you'll notice that teal and silver make a winning festive decoration colour combination.

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