Using on-trend chartreuse in your home

The bright and warming colour of Chartreuse usually represents Spring, however, this year Chartreuse's fabulous colour, with its green undertones, is making an early appearance in our homes. The name Chartreuse is taken from the French liqueur which contains not only alcohol but 13 herbal extracts – the warmth of the colour, like the liqueur, matures with age and therefore suits all styles of homes and interiors beautifully.

Stripes, florals and polka dots which include Chartreuse yellow are wide and varied; accompanied by others colours, including black, steel grey, creams and whites you can bring a new look to your home simply by changing your soft furnishings and accessories. With the nature and natural trend harnessing the beauty of Chartreuse yellow both traditional and modern homes can be inspired in any room of your home, however, Chartreuse is perfect for living rooms and bedrooms where it provides an inviting and friendly look.

Full length Chartreuse curtains, which co-ordinate bedding and scatter cushions, offer an air of refined elegance, while trendy eyelet curtains which have a predominance of steel grey and a subtle horizontal striped band across the top which includes Chartreuse yellow is ideal for bring a masculine look to bedroom. If you love florals then you'll love the new look colour Chartreuse offers; furthermore you won't have to stick with the usual floral patterns as designers have brought Chartreuse yellow to the forefront of their latest floral and flower inspired patterns which will grace your home beautifully.

If you love yellow and yet don't want anything too playful or bright then Chartreuse yellow is the colour shade for you – add it to your guest room via duvet sets, rugs and window dressing and the nature and representation of yellow being used for friendship will bring a whole new perspective into your home.

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