Using on-trend chartreuse geometrics

This stunning yellow, with green undertones, makes a welcome change from the usual Autumnal colours and of course with refreshing green incorporated will see you right through Winter and into Spring next year. In your home Chartreuse has been included within the geometric patterns that are bang on-trend this season. A perfect combination of on-style colour and pattern brought together for you to up-date you home effortlessly.

Having derived its name from the French liqueur distilled by monks back in the 1700's this warm, mellow colour sits comfortably next to greens (maybe that's because the monks included 130 herbal extracts when making it!), and you can also find Chartreuse Green liqueur so marrying the two colours together to create a lively colour palette makes logical and visually pleasing sense. The earthy undertones make Chartreuse ideal for large rugs which compliment wooden flooring beautifully.

To bring a sense of balance and cohesion to a room curtains or blinds made from a geometric Chartreuse fabric should work in harmony with the rugs and other soft furnishings such as cushions. With geometric printed fabrics you can also introduce a third accent colour, for example a dark brown for a more formal woody colour scheme or sky blue to brighten a Mediterranean themed room, either of these accents can then be used to highlight accessories.

It's also worth remembering that geometrics provide the best effect of a repeated pattern – circles which run horizontally and vertically can draw the eye making your features within a room appear wider and taller.

This optical illusion works extremely well for window dressings, giving windows the appearance of wider and taller which deceives the eye as it follows the pattern across the weft of the fabric giving a sense of wider windows and up the warp of the fabric making windows appear taller – ingenious visual tricks which interior designers have been using for years! Chartreuse geometrics aren't restricted to window dressings and rugs; you can create a retro look with geometric wallpaper or use the geometric pattern to bring a trendy look to your bedding. Experiment and have fun using geometrics – they're ideal for all styles of homes and can be a great way to bring a new look to your home this Autumn.

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