Using on-trend black & white geometrics

Black and white geometric colour schemes have stood the test of time and popular today in modern and contemporary homes. Monochromatic, in this instance black and white, enables you to use the various shades between the two colours to create a colour scheme which can be bold or subtle depending on which room you use it in and how bold your personality is! When we mention monochromatic colour schemes most people refer to black and white along with Art Deco or Hollywood inspired homes.

The juxtaposition between the two ends of the colour scale (although neither black or white are deemed as true colours) allows the colours to play off against each other resulting in a stunning colour scheme. Introduce geometrics into the equation and again Art Deco or the 1960's springs to mind. Of course geometrics don't have to be circles and squares, vertical and horizontal stripes can also be used, as can hexagons, rectangles etc. The uniformity of a repeat pattern lends itself beautifully to geometrics.

Maybe one of the greatest advantages of black and white geometrics is their ability to be used in both a masculine and feminine scenario. If you want to be bold and make a statement in your bedroom chevron duvet covers (chevrons are perfect for a Art Deco look) are the ideal bedding choice. Drop down onto the floor and include stripes or circle patterned rugs to help ground the colour scheme without really thinking too much about it.

As we saw in yesterday's post you can also make geometrics work in your favour by using geometric patterned fabrics which fool the eye into thinking windows and walls are wider or taller than in reality. Black and white colour schemes whether by default or intention are practical and easy to live with, soften the colours into smoky greys and creamy whites for a more feminine look or stick with the contrast of dark ebony and ivory for a more classical monochromatic interior which is non-gender specific. If you're stuck for a colour scheme of teenage boys and want to steer away from the stereotypical blues then black and white geometric patterns are a great choice which will work in your favour and your son's.

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