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Instagram Interior Ideas With so many people jumping onto the Instagram trend today , snapping plenty of memorable shots of family , friends, sights and scenes what could be better than taking those prints out of the album and putting them to better use where they can be seen and admired. If you yourself are an Instagram fanatic and have a profile endlessly stored with beautiful imagery of good times gone by,there are plenty of on décor idea’s, tips and advice to spark your interest and get you started. Instagram Picture Collage With Instagram you can pick a variety of style filters and frames to add that finished touch to your images, there's something about a white curved edge frame though that really adds this touch of character to a finished photograph. Like the display seen here if you have a number of frame prints to hand you can easily arrange them together in a frame or mounted onto board to create a photographic wall piece to add personal touches to any blank living space. Each individual print links to the other really well creating a large visual collage of your family , pets , favourite places and much more which is sure to be a admire when family or friends come to visit. Displaying Instagram Photos

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If you happen to have an old rustic vintage frame or two hanging around your home ,why not set yourself a challenge and give it a fresh lick of paint to create a mesh peg board like the one seen here. It would be the perfect accessory to hang with pride in your kitchen or any part of the home, you can easily change the colour according to the style and palette of your room of choice and use mini wooden clothes pegs to pin up a mix of your favourite snapshots you want to display. Decorating with Instagram To try something a little different and cost effective there are a wide variety of art’s and craft tapes called washi tape available to purchase in stores or online. You can get them in so many colours , widths and patterns and because they’re easily removable you can take and replace them whenever and where ever you please without damaged your walls or photograph at all. Uses for Instagram Pictures Lastly if you’re wanting to go that one step further from the more traditional idea of putting your Instagram artworks into frames or mounting them onto your wall, then here are some pretty cool items you could maybe try to add some quirky and new to accessorise your home. There are a variety of online printers who allow you to upload your images and design to print onto different giftware and products; one I found to be extremely cool were these coasters and fabric cushion. Not only would these look pretty cool scattered across your sofa or coffee table in your living room but also a possible gifts for family or friends. Instagram Picture Frames Now that you've seen our showcase of Instagram interiors tips and idea’s you can begin to think where you might want to put your Instagram masterpieces to use and in what unique and innovative way you might want to go about doing so. No doubt once you’re finished you can hang your finished work where you’d like in pride for all to see and maybe even inspire others give Instagram a try.

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