Using Crystal at Home

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

Crystal has long been heralded for its energy and mood boosting qualities and is a cornerstone material of many New Age healing practises. Luckily, you don’t have to believe in its mystical properties to feel its benefit as crystal also happens to be an extremely beautiful material with many ways it can be used around the home. Without a doubt it is a material worth considering if you are looking to add glamour and interesting texture to your home.

Though most often used as a decorative element in most interior schemes, crystal is not without its uses. Crystal fruit bowels, vases, dishes and wine glasses are all widely available. Such items are brilliant value for those who like to throw the odd dinner party or ten. What better way to lay out a table than with fresh flowers in a sparkling crystal vase, surrounded by crystal dishes and silver cutlery? Then when its time for drinks, out come the matching crystal glasses to add that extra sense of occasion.

The most famous and visually impacting use for crystal around the home is unquestionably the chandelier. A design classic with so many modern takes and reforms, a crystal chandelier is an absolute must for anyone wanting to indulge. The archetypal six leg design beautifully adorned with swooping necklaces of crystal jewels and pendants is the perfect way to top off a period style hallway or dining room- can there be a better way to light up an intimate soiree of close friends and family? Modern homes too can benefit from chandeliers; modern versions can be very minimal and oh-so chic.

The amazing thing about a chandelier is it even during daylight hours when it is not in use, it looks just as amazing as it twinkles and refracts sunlight all over the surrounding space- so if you do decide to purchase one, don’t waste it in some dark corner, celebrate it for all it’s worth in the most public spot you have! Just be sure to check you have the ceiling height first- chandeliers don’t look quite so amazing when you are looking down on them!

If you like the idea of adding some crystal allure to your home scheme but don’t fancy paying the associated high prices for larger items, why not use crystal as accent to increase the beauty of your existing furniture and decoration? Curtain tie backs with tassels and crystal beads will add so much extra appeal to your window dressings. If you want a complete window overhaul then why not add some lovely new Ariel curtains then use your crystal tasselled tiebacks to draw them back into an elegant arch that seductively reveals the world outside to you from the comfort of your favourite armchair.

Crystal door handles are another way of using crystal on a smaller scale to update your existing furnishings. A tired old door can really be given a new lease of life. You can also inexpensively bring real harmony to a disjointed interior with small touches like this if you use them throughout your home.


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