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Up-cycling interior design ideas for your guest room

Bring your guest bedroom back into use with a few simple make-overs that won't break the bank. Spare bedrooms are notorious for becoming dumping grounds, especially in small homes where storage space is limited. However, rather than scrambling to hide things when guests arrive don't drive yourself  into a frenzy, just keep the room neat, tidy and orderly. Storage Solutions It's true that you can never have enough storage, hence the need for using the spare or guest bedroom to store things that aren't needed on a daily basis. If you love fabric and have odd remnants that aren't ear-marked for anything else put them to good use and cover plain boxes. They'll look gorgeous and can be neatly stacked and on-show without being classified as junk and clutter. Add shelves to store books or use wicker baskets placed on shelves to hide odds and sods – they'll still be easily accessible but won't look untidy. Update Bedding Cheap duvet sets are a great way to bring a new look to a guest room. Choose reversible duvet covers so that you can ring the changes to prevent the room from looking stale. Cheap curtain fabric pieces are ideal for embracing the up-cycling trend and can be made into gorgeous patchwork bedspreads. Make sure you plan before you start – you don't have to use intricate patterns, although they do look stunning, simple squares or triangles can be turned into a beautiful bedspread packed full of colour and patterns. Wonderful Windows Many people still judge a room by it's window dressing, so if you have elderly family members or guests make sure your window dressing is up to scratch! Voile panels are a modern alternative to net curtains. Use them full length to give them the credit they're due. Tap top curtains in a neutral, plain colour can be paired with patterned blackout blinds so that guests can control the amount of light coming into the room while they sleep. Accessories Make your choice of accessories personal to make your guests feel at home. Photographs of family, old and new, can be displayed on walls or dressing tables. A bedside table lamp will always be appreciated, along with additional pillow or cushions and a blanket laid across the bottom of the bed. The more little aspects you include in the room the more welcome and relaxed your guests will feel.

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