The traditional honeymoon destination i.e. a B&B in Torquay, are a thing of the past. Today honeymooners want to find the most unusual places to stay. Many wanting luxury others simply to get-away from it all and spend time together. Whichever your preference there's some pretty awesome places to choose from.  


This no ordinary hobbit house – it's a luxury get-away in Hawaii.  

Huffing Ton Post

A fabulous houseboat floating down the Kerala backwaters.    

Huffing Ton Post

Snuggle down and keep warm together in an Arctic cabin.  

Unique Honeymoon Ideas

Stay in a cave – there's little chance of the neighbours disturbing you.

Life Hack

On a tight budget? You could always go camping!  

Wedding Ideas Mag

The thought of a bog-standard tent doesn't impress you? Try popping off to Mongolia and staying in a Yurt.  

 Zank You Magazine

On of the up and coming places for honeymooners is Japan.  

Mail Online

Too much salt is bad for you and yet honeymooners will be enthralled by this salt desert hotel.  

Mag For Women


Road Trippers

One of America's Airstream hotels will give you a new perspective on caravaning!   Or maybe you're just a romantic t heart and will settle for Paris?  

Road Trippers