Unstoppable Colour Trend Grey 6 - In The Home Office

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

Now there is a thing - grey is the first hue that comes to mind when we think of office environments; so this year's unstoppable colour trend is right on cue with this next instalment! Will you be decorating your home office with grey this year? Do you want to know how to approach it without being too uniform or serious?

Just because grey is related to offices and work - it doesn't have to be used in a overly formal way; not at all. We will be looking at ideas for the home office incorporating grey and showing you how to get the most out of this supreme hue! Get your creativity flowing with a grey and yellow decorated home office. The yellow brightens up grey for a more cheerful attitude towards work or study. This colour combination is also quite sophisticated so it will appeal to various tastes.

When we speak of yellow we mean a vibrant one - it has to have some punch otherwise it wouldn't really make much of an impact. So, an almost grey-blue with zesty lemon. Use a lighter grey on the walls and a slightly darker one for your office desk - you may need to paint it. Either go for a yellow desk chair or just use the colour in textiles around the room and with accessories - yellow floor rugs, a vertical blind and files.

For a very modern and contemporary home office, clever storage can become a part of your style as well as being a necessity. Where we need grey to soothe us and keep us level-headed, a splatter of colour will be there for times of inspiration. Do go for a predominately grey colour scheme - but add a funky bright such as orange (the colour of creativity we might add) for desk accessories and storage.

A contemporary bright orange task lamp is a cool accessory for the desk. A deep white shelving unit to be placed against the wall gets a makeover by painting or wallpapering the inside with orange. White files, decorative vases and trendy bookends will stand out vividly against the spicy orange. To continue the slight industrial feel of grey, aluminium ready made blinds are the perfect choice for style, light control and privacy levels.

Smarten up with horizontal stripes in medium grey and white; but loosen up a little by risking freehand. Rather than using tape to get precise lines, allow yourself to draw faint pencil lines where your stripes will go - making sure that they have the same width ad space between each one.

What will unfold is horizontal stripes with visible brush edges for a cheeky twist on uniform stripes. Start with a grey background and paint white stripes - with just one coat you get a peek of grey coming through underneath - like when you would sand down a little paint from furniture for an aged look.

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