Unstoppable Colour Trend Grey 5 - In The Dining Room

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

With party season upon us, there will be a lot of talk on dressing up dining rooms and we will certainly be joining in on the banter - just you wait! For the time being, get your dining room décor fix together with this years unstoppable colour trend grey. I am absolutely loving grey dining rooms with a vengeance - it could be contemporary with cool grey material, lots of white and pops of zesty colours or it could be understated elegance with a soft brown-grey, antique gold accessories and impeccable window treatments.

Choose dark grey curtains for dressing up dining rooms this winter (and all year round for that matter). Better still, use a grey-brown which adds drama to more formal atmospheres. Contrast is made with white ceilings, skirts and traditional mouldings. Windows are important in the dining room's overall appeal - choose a pair that matches close to your wall colour but do choose a fabric with a natural sheen such as gorgeous taffeta or silk.

The room is balanced out with more of the grey-brown hue - use it to help you choose a new set of dining chairs or give existing ones a plush upholstery. To really make this work, remember the brown undertones of your grey and choose wood furniture and accessories to play on it - a rich brown dining table and wooden framed mirror on a feature wall should do the trick. Bring more texture to the room with beautiful floor rugs.

I am considering this look for my dining room it sounds so gorgeous! This time masculine grey meets its femme fatale in hot pink. This is almost like an idea for those who obsess over pink but understand the less is more rule - with grey coming in to relax the space just enough so pink can play up! Let us work on getting the serene atmosphere in place first; classic mid-grey walls and white woodwork/mouldings.

A grey metal Venetian blind will allow the windows to blend in and open the space up. Now you can bring it - a hot pink dining chair or two; make it grand with high wing-backs and roll-top arms, placing it/them at the head/s of the table; or reverse the look with subtle grey chairs and hot pink curtains. You can't deny that this will turn heads next time you have guests over! If your colour obsession is bright yellow, orange, red or even a bright turquoise - they will all work in the same effect, hot pink just seemed like a great example.

To break up the wall colour, white can be used to upholster other (less grand) dining chairs and for lighting from above - a classic pendant lamp or antique chandelier painted matte white.

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