Unstoppable Colour Trend Grey 4 - In The Bedroom

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

Whoever said grey was miserable - whoever coined the phrase 'grey day' as being a negative one? These days, if I am having a grey day then I am probably happily decorating my home with touches of this years unstoppable colour trend! In the bedroom, grey creates a calm mood - a warmer shade alongside white is really all you need for a stylish, on-trend bedroom. It looks great with natural, medium tone woods might I add.

Grey is for glamorous - when used with a black it becomes more intense and seductive; together with metallic finishes it oozes chic sophistication. So with grey being the neutral, there is no excuse not to contemplate its use in the bedroom. Warm greys and cool greys can be worn with virtually any colour you throw at it! Choose a classic medium toned grey for the walls; a cool one that contrasts well with dark woods and cream. If you can meet this piece with your budget - a dark wood, four poster bed says it all.

This room is going to be glamorous - bring in a large cream shag rug, some warm pops of colour such as an earthy orange and mirrored bedside tables. Use your accent colour on bedside table lamps UK, bed runners and cushions. Our next inspiring idea is for a traditional bedroom design. We are all aware that blues are amongst the most popular used colour for bedroom decorating - use it, but this time use it with grey!

Grey-blues are set to dominate bedrooms and bathrooms in the coming year and I for one find this shade somewhat irresistible. Of course, one of the major positives for using this colour is that it can suit a woman's taste and that of her partners - both men and women can live in harmony with this hue. Take it to the walls of your bedroom and pick up on a second colour such as a traditional yellow curtains - even going for a delicate floral pattern would suit.

Reupholster head and foot-boards in a soft grey material - a luxurious one if you would. Your saving grace is dark wood furniture which brings the room together. With traditional covered, we look at a more modern example for using this on-trend colour. Grey-blue again, but shown in a more contemporary light. Compliment the wall colour with a dark stained wooden floor, white duvet cover sets and stylish white accessories such as lampshades and white picture frames (displaying a black and white illustration would be hot).

Take the grey out of the walls, bringing it into the room with a modern grey headboard without the frills. With a genuinely minimalist décor, you might want to bump up the comfort factor with a padded footstool at the end of the bed - in a slightly darker grey as the fabric used for your headboard.

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