Uni student: décor on a budget

It’s coming round to that time of the year again where the summer holidays are coming to an end and it’s time for many students to make their way to university. Whether you’re a new or current undergraduate moving into the halls or student accommodation it’s nice to actually make it feel a little bit more like home whilst you’re away during your studies.

Collage of different white and black bedroom designs

As a way of doing this and making your dorm space your own in this article you find a mix of tips and advice for some budget friendly uni student room décor ideas to help you personalise your own space for the year ahead.

White and black home office

With upcoming deadlines and assignments to complete it’s safe to say every university student is going to need a kitted out office and desk space to produce their work to the best of their ability. What is also key is to stay organised and yes staying on top of those deadlines and the different tasks your lecturers will give you to complete. One quirky and cost effective way of doing this is by having a pin board or clip board system as seen here where you can post all your notes, to do lists, photos and inspiration to them to keep you in the know. If you’re wanting to spruce up these boards a little more you could cut and paste anything from pattern papers or spare fabric to help them match your bedroom décor.

Cosy bedroom with double bed and fairy lights and pictures in alcove

Steve Brown Apts

Instagram being the go to app for snapping quirky shots of good times with family or friends, what could be more fun and enjoyable that putting them up for display in your campus bedroom. Not only is it a pretty cool way of covering up those drab white walls but also using clothes pegs hanging your photographs , notes and more up where you can see them .

White ceiling lampshade above a bed with black, white and grey geometric bedding

Bethany Baker

You may not be able to add a lick of paint to the walls of your dorm but not to worry another way you can add colour and character to your room (making it seem less dull and drab) is by choosing patterned and colourful accessories for your room. This can really be anything from bedding to throws, curtains or cushions to really add your own personal touch and taste to your room for the year.

Home office desk with pictures stuck to the wall


Another quirky way to hang your photos or prints you like that don’t actually require a hammer and nails (not to worry your fingers will remain intact) is with washi tape. Washi tape is actually a Japanese make of masking tape that comes in a variety of colours, thicknesses and patterns and you can pretty much find it at any craft shop here in the uk. With it you can creatively stick a collage of pictures and drawings to the wall above your desk and easily change it or remove it when it’s time to go home at Christmas or Easter.

Very white living space, with orange, yellow, blue and pink paper butterflies hanging from the ceiling


Lastly I came across this pretty creative and unique décor idea, if you’re an art student and into your paper folding and origami then this is another way you can give your student room an up do so to speak. Attaching paper folded pieces to nylon thread you could easily pin them to the ceiling making a flock of paper art travelling across your room in a range of colours to suit your own personal tastes, style and theme. Decorating your room space doesn't have to be expensive the main thing is to add your own style to it and simply have fun with it.

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