Turning over a new leaf in living room interior design

As we saw in yesterday's post turning over a new leaf encompasses a number of different interior design aspects and concepts. Today we turn our attention to living rooms and offer interior design ideas that you can include in your living room to bring it up to date.

Colours Inspired by Nature

Earth tones remain on trend and can be combined with this years Pantone colour of Tangerine Tango to bring a bright and invigorating new look to your living room. This colour teams beautifully with light or dark wood which can be used for flooring, doors, coffee and occasional tables.

Patterns and Prints

Use geometric prints to add depth and character to plain sofas and chairs simply by using cheap cushions and throws. Wall art is another place where patterns and prints can easily be display without disrupting the overall look and feel of the room. The latest styles of wall art which don't have art worked framed will bring a modern twist to your walls.

Faux Bois

As we saw yesterday Faux Bois doesn't have to solely mean wood, although many homes have faux wood doors which means they'll slip neatly into this interior design style, you can also look for faux fabrics and materials for ready made curtains uk which give the illusion of silk or organza but are in reality poly-cotton blends.


Make your own cushion covers and use your existing cushion filling is a great way to up-cycle everyday soft furnishings. If you want to go 'retro' then your interior design should include authentic pieces which have been saved from a house clearance or discovered in a junk shop. Don't worry if chairs need re-covering as long as the carcase is safe and intact you'll be able to re-upholster or have the chairs re-upholstered professionally.

Energy Efficiency

Make sure your window dressing has a thermal lining to help conserve heat in the winter months. Fully lined curtains will also help to keep heat out of the room during the hotter months as well as helping to prevent your curtains and other soft furnishings from fading in harsh, direct sunlight.

Get the Style

You can bring the principles of turning over a new leaf into any interior design style, be it traditional, modern or contemporary. These changes will have a marked impact on the way your living room looks and feels, as well as you being able to do your 'bit' to help conserve energy, recycle and be inspired by nature – all of which accumulates into one very chic and stylish living room.

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