Turning over a new leaf in home office interior design

To end this mini-series we're going to include home offices as they have become an integral part of many people's homes. You may not have a room dedicated to being a home office, however, you can turn over a new leaf this year but making your office corner or space looks like a planned and well thought part of a room, rather than just a stuck into the corner of a room!

Colours Inspired by Nature

Rather than opt for greens and earth tones why not be inspired by animal prints, such as zebra prints to team with wall paper and curtains.

Patterns and Prints

This is one room where the use of pattern and prints needs to be done carefully otherwise you may find that too much pattern can cause loss of concentration and confusion in your mind. If your office is part of another room, the use of pattern can create a superb visual boundary – enabling you to step in and out of 'work' mode more easily.

Faux Bois

As we've mentioned Faux Bois encapsulates any faux soft furnishings, including animal print rugs in faux hide. You could also use cow-hide if you wished or a faux fur sheepskin rug, however, to keep your home office business like you'll need to play down the glamour elements and make sure your furnishings and furniture are fit for purpose and conducive to working! Look for rugs direct from online retailers to give you plenty of choice in colours and styles. For an informal work station a laminate table can be functional and make your office blend more naturally into a room.


Use second-hand furniture to save money, however try not to be too stingy when it comes to choosing a desk chair, if you don't get one which is the right height you can cause also sorts of problems for your neck and back.

Energy Efficiency

As with the other rooms in your house most of heat loss will be via your windows. So use fully lined ready made curtains uk or thermal blinds to help retain heat during the winter and also lower heat build-up during the summer.

Flowing Water

I was going to omit this trend for this post, yet I remembered that water can be extremely calming and relaxing. Although you don't want water cascading down your walls, images of babbling brooks or the tranquillity of a deserted beach can be a great way to help you feel less stressed.

Get the Style

Adapt the principles of these latest trends to help create a home office which suits your line of work – for example a relaxed office for arts and craft styles of work or a more business-like office for those who use a computer for the work.

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