Turning over a new leaf in bedroom interior design

The bedroom may be one of the easiest rooms in your home to begin your quest of turning over a new leaf. With modern bedroom designs making use of natural light, along with rugs to bring warmth to flooring and help ground a colour scheme, there are many ways you can transform and up-date your bedroom without breaking the bank.

Colours Inspired by Nature

Brown, tans, creams and beige remain on-trend in bedroom décor. Splashes of this year's colours, such as tangerine, purple and oceanic blues and greens all compliment the earthy base colours beautifully. Plain duvet cover sets keep the room looking stylishly chic, while choosing rugs direct from retailers means you'll be able to have a wide choice of pile and colours to coordinate with your bedroom.

Patterns and Prints

Use bed runners or a small over blanket with earthy tones, or your contrasting colour to bring additional colour to your bed. Wall art is another way to bring subtle patterns and prints into the room without them being too loud. Faux Bois: If you like the latest leather bed designs why not opt for faux leather – equally as stylish and a fraction of the cost. They look like the real thing the only difference you'll notice is the feel and the of course the price tag!

Likewise, a faux wooden bed frame can look stunning when the rest of the room is decorated stylishly, the only downside is that you may not get the longevity that a real wooden bed frame offers.


Add an easy chair to your bed which has been up-cycled. The chair can be any style which suits and compliments your referred interior design style. Look for second-hand chairs to recover and add cheap cushions to both the bed and the chair to create a harmonious and balanced look to the room.

Energy Efficiency

Up the tog rating of your duvet or add extra bedding or thicker cheap duvet covers to enable you to keep warm rather than turning your central heating thermostat up. You'll be surprised at how much energy you can save over the winter months just by knocking down the temperature a couple of degrees.

Get the Style

Adapt the style to suit your home. Turning over a new leaf in your bedroom can be exhilarating and a great way to save money this year!

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