Traditional living room ideas – using luxury fabrics

Irrespective of your colour pallet if you include luxury fabrics you'll create a traditionally styled living room which oozes style and sophistication. Rich fabrics such as velvet, silk and satin have been used for centuries to enhance the beauty of people's homes and today is no different. A one of this year's biggest interior design trends to to include textured fabrics and materials you'll be onto a sure fire winner by making a few changes to your living room's soft furnishings.

Cost of luxury fabrics

Luxury fabrics will bring an elegant air to your living and the great news is that today these gorgeous fabrics don't have to cost a fortune. For example ready made velvet curtains are a traditional style of window dressing which suit this style of interior beautifully. Cushions and even the upholstery on your seat arrangements can be given a make-over using velours and velvets.

Faux furs are also on-trend and while in the past the genuine article was used to show off wealth today faux furs are being used for rugs, cushions and throws. The art in using luxury fabrics is to keep things relatively simple so that the room doesn't look overly fussy. Use the texture to bring the room alive, place silk cushions next to velvet ones in colour tones and styles which suit a traditional living room.

How to go traditional

Bean bags may be fun but you wouldn't, or shouldn't, find them in a traditional living room. This doesn't mean to say that the room can't have any fun elements, but these do have to be demure rather than brash. The emphasis has to be on what constitutes traditional. As we discussed this week colour combinations should also be coy if you're going to stay true to this interior design style. Creams, beige and navy blues or reds as accents are ideal.

If you want to include pattern go for floral blinds and curtains made from traditional fabrics such as damask or jacquard fabric. You could also bring colour and texture to flooring by using large Oriental patterned rugs, these look in keeping if you're display antiques or reproduction furniture from a particular period.

The blues and reds found within the pattern of the rug are perfect for helping you to choose an appropriate accent colour. Once you've established the fundamentals of colour and style you'll find that everything else will revolve around these to give your living room a flowing harmony.

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