Traditional living room ideas – using beige

You'll find that many traditionally styled living room have a colour pallet of beige and while this may sound rather flat and boring there are some easy ways that you can bring a traditional style and colour into your home. Texture is a 'must have' to prevent a staid appearance. This can be a feature fireplace, bay windows, or a chimney-breast which has been up-date to house a flat screen television. Soft furnishings, along with furniture choices, will bring everything together to create a harmonious and balanced living room.

Opt for tactile, rich textures such as velvet curtains for large picture windows, full length curtains are preferable as they'll add a regal elegance to the room. Striped, checked or floral blinds and curtains on smaller windows will add a superb visual contrast to the velvet curtains and will also bring the room up to-date without losing its traditional styling. A dark contrast colour works incredibly well with beige and creams. A single armchair, a rug, cushions and throws are ideal for making this one eye catching colour contrast in the room. To keep with traditional colours dark navy blue will bring opulence and grandeur to the room.

Flooring can also have contrasting textures – parquet or wooden flooring polished to a mirror shine is gorgeous to look at, however, to keep the room relaxed a large area rug in cream creates the juxtaposition between the two surface types beautifully. Lighting should provide sufficient light to be able to relax in, while giving you the option for a brighter, traditional central light when required. Keep the colour of the lampshades within your beige pallet and the base in keeping with other accessories.

Nothing should be jarring to the eye, the transition from one area to the next should be smooth and subtle. Think along the lines of manor houses and how their décor oozes chic style without being garish or harsh. Accessories will also play their part in making the room a success. Traditional types of living room accessories include framed photographs of family members, young and old, displayed either on a wall as a grouping or on top of a beautiful wooden surface of an antique desk or armoire. Of course, it goes without saying that traditional living rooms are never cluttered – everything has its place and that's where it stays (for the most part anyway!).

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