Traditional living room ideas – paying attention to detail

In any interior design style paying close attention to detail can make your room look fantastic, forget the details and the whole thing can go pear-shaped very quickly. So, what does this mean? and more importantly, perhaps, what does it entail? Probably the best way to explain is to go back to basics very briefly and for arguments sake pretend that you have a completely empty living room; you've painted the ceiling, walls and woodwork, hung wallpaper is you're using it and you have the bare bones from which to start bringing in the furniture, furnishings and accessories.

You can't simply throw things into the room in the hopes that everything will fall neatly into place. You have to consider where the furniture will be placed, what type of flooring you want, and how you're going to dress the window/s and finally bring in the accessories. Paying attention to detail will also encompass the colour scheme and how each piece, including the accessories, will play its part in the end result. If you take a systematic approach then it will be easier to visualise how things will look.

You'll probably juggle things around a little at least once, but maybe two or three times until you're happy with the look of the room. However, those who have an established traditional style of lounge will probably have the major parts in place, if this is the case then they also need to pay attention to detail with regards to the window dressing, soft furnishings and accessories, remembering to bring colour and texture into the room.

Full length velvet curtains give an elegant look to windows; using ringtop curtains will enable curtain poles, rather then tracks, to be used and so remaining with a traditional style. Accessories can make or break the look of the room too many and the room will become stifled, too few and the room can lack character. In living rooms it's always best to include accessories which are family based – you don't have to have a portrait of your grandfather hung over the fireplace, but family photographs displayed in little frames adds a homely touch and will never go out of style. In fact with the resurgence of us 'returning to our roots' being on-trend, old sepia photographs of family descendants can bring a touch of modern trend to a traditionally styled living room.

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